Home sleep testing (HST) has become increasingly more prevalent in the sleep industry over the past two decades. The HST market has grown exponentially given the advantages over in-lab studies. Technology has streamlined the process and offers convenience to patients while reducing a provider’s overhead. As an emerging market, competition has become fierce, enabling patients to choose from a variety of HST units. Current technology has made the transition to portable devices or connecting sensors being disposable.

DreamClear™ introduces a new HST device that helps provide a worry-free experience from start to finish. Providers no longer have to incur additional overhead costs by purchasing a machine. DreamClear™ also provides automated scoring of sleep data to the physician within 30 minutes of the patient waking up, so the turnaround time is significantly quicker making an efficient home sleep test a preferred alternative to the in-lab study.

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Manages Equipment Logistics

By managing shipment and inventory for physicians, DreamClear™ provides physicians with relief from dealing with inventory directly. Since all connecting sensors are disposable, the risk of contamination is reduced for both patients and physicians. Once the HST is completed, the connecting sensors are disposed prior to returning. The device is placed inside the provided prepaid envelope, placed in the mailbox, and returned to be sanitized.

DreamClear™ has a mission to streamline the process of providing the best HST experience for both patients and physicians. The all-inclusive, rental, and purchasing models provide options to best suit the needs of different providers.

Automated Scoring

As HST continues to grow and increase in popularity, artificial intelligence (AI) is more critical to keep turnaround times at a minimum. An AI-scored sleep study reduces the wait time for results, since physicians no longer need to manually evaluate the data and provide results. AI calculates this by measuring spikes or motions while the patient is sleeping. Test results are scored and the patient is diagnosed in approximately 30 minutes after completing the study.

The versatility of DreamClear™ gives a physician the option to receive raw sleep data or a scored interpretation. This feature helps reduce the amount of time a physician needs to spend evaluating data, maximizing the number of patients treated in a given time period. DreamClear™ uses a cloud-based platform to store sleep data, which the physician will be able to access within 30 minutes of the patient waking up. Physicians no longer need to wait for the HST device to be shipped back to retrieve the data.

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Broad Provider Utilization

DreamClear is not only being used for sleep doctors but can also be used by pulmonologists (lung specialists), otolaryngologists (ears, nose, and throat), neurologists (brain and nerves), psychiatrists (mental health) and primary care physicians. As a result, patients are able to be diagnosed and receive the correct treatment.

Most sleep testing devices are positioned best towards sleep specialists. With DreamClear and its versatility, it can be used by a wide scope of doctors and specialists. Also being able to handle the demand and facilitate large networks of hospitals/organizations and their physicians. 

Increase Operational Efficiency with DreamClear™

DreamClear™ is ahead of the curve when it comes to the future of home sleep testing. Low costs and integration with cloud-based technology make it an affordable and efficient home sleep test. Patients receive results in a much shorter time period, and physicians no longer need to worry about managing inventory.

To learn more about the ways DreamClear™ is increasing home sleep testing efficiency, reach out to a member of our team today.