eBook: A Physician’s Guide to Automating Sleep Center Operations

Performing sleep testing in a lab is no longer feasible for the estimated 4,700 sleep centers in the United States due to the need for social distancing. Now, more than ever, patients need sleep tests that are affordable, sanitary, and easy to use from home.

As a provider, there are major benefits of virtual sleep centers both from a convenience and cost perspective. Devices are eco-friendly and have seamless integration with existing EMR software, which helps enhance end-to-end care.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How current trends in the sleep industry are affecting traditional models
  • How to set up an effective virtual sleep center to meet patient needs
  • The value and benefits of a VSC for providers and patients

Download a Physician’s Guide to Automating Sleep Center Operations to learn why a virtual sleep center is beneficial in today’s environment.