Studying human behavior patterns facilitates the development of comprehensive artificial intelligence-based programs that can improve the user experience based on information provided. This is especially useful for doctors and patients alike to provide end-to-end care without coming into the office. Patients using AI-enabled medical equipment are now able to have concerns addressed in real time, with smarter home sleep tests. 

Given the prevalence of certain conditions, like sleep apnea, AI home sleep testing units provide a significant advantage for both doctors and patients. Patients no longer have to travel long distances to visit a sleep lab and doctors can take appointments at their convenience.

AI in Sleep Medicine

AI technologies provide a myriad of benefits, both for patients and for the doctors and clinicians who are utilizing them. For frontline doctors, clinicians, and Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT) alike, AI technologies simplify the care process, allowing them to provide end-to-end care without coming into the office. AI solutions, like EnsoSleep scoring technology, help reduce time spent doing manual data review and analysis. For polysomnography, clinicians often spend an hour reviewing complex data for a single patient, but with AI assistance, that time can be reduced drastically. 

Patients using AI-enabled medical equipment, like the DreamClear HSAT device, are also presented with a number of benefits. Advances in technology allow questions to be answered as they arise and visits can be completed via telemedicine appointments. AI powered HSAT devices can also connect with your phone or tablet, which simplifies the patient user experience. Overall, convenience is the biggest advantage for patients, as wait times drop, access increases and processes evolve. 

Integration in Sleep Clinics

For in-lab sleep studies, the combination of data collection and artificial intelligence will save sleep doctors time in scoring sleep studies. Data and patterns will enable the studies to be automatically scored also improving the turnaround time for results.

Our partner EnsoData has mastered AI sleep scoring through its EnsoSleep software. The technology can be paired with polysomnography tests or home sleep tests to deliver accurate and timely results within minutes, enabling doctors to address sleep issues as quickly as possible.

Analyze Sleep Studies

The time savings through EnsoData’s software will accelerate the time it takes to evaluate a sleep study. Manual analyses can be time-consuming as a sleep technician examines each 30-second interval of a patient’s sleep. When you consider a patient may be asleep for 7-9 hours, manual scoring is an exhaustive process that should be replaced with a new and automated solution to free up technicians’ time to serve more patients.

Leveraging technology to score sleep studies can significantly reduce costs and improve patient care, bringing an affordable option to underserved communities that have significant populations of undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Beyond home sleep tests and in-lab polysomnography tests, artificial intelligence can help improve the multiple sleep latency test to determine if a patient is suffering from narcolepsy.

AI for Home Sleep Tests

While the most accurate home sleep tests today include units with several sensors, the data must still get sent to the doctors. The DreamClear home sleep testing unit has an accompanying smartphone app to share tests with sleep doctors in a secure portal instantly. The device’s AI capabilities allow patients to get answers to questions in real time. This is especially useful in device setup, when a patient may be unsure of where to place a sensor for optimal results.

Although there are many home sleep test softwares available, one that includes artificial intelligence to improve the patient experience, is one that will generate the best results. Patients need to feel comfortable to administer the test themselves and may get frustrated if they do not receive the proper support. Leaving sleep apnea undiagnosed and untreated can lead to more significant side effects in the future.

Leverage EnsoData Technology with DreamClear™

DreamClear™ home sleep tests utilize an AI-enabled automated scoring system through EnsoData technology. A clinician reviews the EnsoSleep AI scored studies who determines the diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients get their results within a day in most cases and can speak directly with their doctor through a secure portal to determine next steps.

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