Here’s How DreamClear Works.

How it works

An Easy Process for Providers

Provider sends a referral

Patient address and contact information is submitted through our web portal.

DreamClear does the work

REMware will mail each patient the testing equipment and disposable sensors with easy instructions.

Patient conducts the test at home

The patient downloads the app (IOS or Android). Data is streamed and stored in their phone and uploaded to our cloud in the morning. Disposable sensors provide immediate results within 30 minutes after they awaken.

DreamClear provides immediate results

Via our web portal within a half-hour of the patient awakening.

Provider shares results with the patient or payers directly

Advanced technology

The DreamClear Device

Records sleep staging

Measures eye movements, oxygen level, heart rate, breathing, snoring, EEG, and body position

Works on both Android and IOS phones

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