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DreamClear™, the turnkey home sleep testing program, helps healthcare providers increase revenue while providing high-quality care. The entire diagnostic process is safe, accurate, and easy for healthcare providers and patients.

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Partnering with DreamClear™

The device is shipped directly to patients, and the unit is sanitized after being returned. DreamClear™ also includes a cloud portal for scoring and interpretation, as well as patient support. Metrics like eye movements, heart rate, breathing, and snoring are all recorded and transmitted through the smartphone app.

Primary Care

Primary care providers are the first line of defense for many patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. Find out how partnering with DreamClear™ will maximize your patient’s experience.


Many patients see and spend more time with dentists than other types of healthcare providers. If you notice signs of sleep apnea in patients, having a partner in DreamClear™ will allow you to get them the right diagnosis.


Many patients with cardiovascular diseases have developed those illnesses as comorbidity due to untreated sleep apnea. Partnering with DreamClear™ can help you get to the root cause of their issues.


Getting your patients on the right regiment can be extremely tricky for many mental health disorders. Getting a home sleep test conducted will help rule out or find a better solution for many patients.

To learn more about using DreamClear™ to help treat patients with sleep disorders, download our brochure today.

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