eBook: Home Sleep Testing and Telemedicine

Over the past several months, sleep labs have been relying heavily on virtual communications to interact with patients and diagnose sleep conditions. Home sleep testing is becoming intertwined with modern technology to provide a higher level of care for patients.

Using technology to streamline home sleep testing is beneficial in many ways. Home sleep tests integrate seamlessly with telemedicine and cloud-based EMR, are simple for patients to use, and produce results in a significantly shorter amount of time.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How HST integrates seamlessly with telemedicine and EMR software
  • The value and benefits of streamlining home sleep testing
  • Why HST is more convenient for providers compared to in-lab studies

Download “Home Sleep Testing and Telemedicine: Increase Business Efficiency” to learn about the benefits of home sleep testing in the modern-day world.