Save 50% on Home Sleep Testing Costs

DreamClear. The turnkey home sleep apnea testing program that makes the entire process easy for providers and their patients.

“We love using DreamClear home sleep test. It is a great disposable hassle-free sleep study that our patients love. The results are fast for physicians and patients due to the data streaming directly from the patient’s home to DreamClear’s cloud the next morning. Our office staff can spend more time communicating with our patients with the extra free time we have due to REMware handling all the shipping and cleaning procedures.”

Cortney Davis, Sleep Solutions of North Florida

Increase Revenue with DreamClear™

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Average HST reimbursement*
Days per Month 20 20
95806 Global Medicare HST Revenue

Made easy for you

Immediate Results & Revenue

No up-front capital investment

Dispense and bill for your home study volume

No need for staff to handle cleaning and inventory

No equipment to purchase, inventory, clean or restock

No need for doctors on staff

We handle everything, including scoring/interpreting if desired

Low shipping costs

No We mail the lightweight, disposable sensors directly to patient

Free technology platform

Refer and receive reports via our web portal

Why Dreamclear

All Patients Benefit

Now providers can prescribe the most advanced HST app and equipment to help patients with sleep disorders. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from sleep apnea, which contributes to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, digestive disorders, depression, Alzheimer’s and immune system disorders.

Who Dreamclear is for

Broad Provider Utilization

Primary care physicians & other health care providers


Sleep centers & physicians


Cardiology & ENT

Pain Management

Why Dreamclear

Perfect for Patients Who

Avoid going to the doctor’s office

Prefer telemedicine solutions

May or may not have health insurance

Want fast, accurate results in the comfort of their own home

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