Home sleep tests have been around for many decades and are often a preferred sleep study alternative to in-lab testing. Many patients have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea but do not take action, simply because visiting a sleep center in person may be inconvenient. If patients do not get tested and diagnosed, symptoms have the potential to worsen over time and negatively affect quality of life.

Being tested, diagnosed, and treated is important for patients suffering from sleep conditions. Home sleep testing (HST) is a way to make this process simpler overall and results in enhanced end-to-end care. Over time, HST has evolved from its early roots as a medical tool. Size, cost, convenience, and accuracy have all continued to improve as HST becomes more advanced and a new sleep study alternative for sleep-related conditions.

Simplicity and Convenience of Home Sleep Testing

A patient receives an HST at home via a direct shipment method. The testing equipment is roughly the size of a cell phone, making it simple for a patient to operate. In the past, testing had to be performed in labs only because the equipment was so large. However, that is no longer the case today, which gives physicians the ability to maximize the number of patients treated in an efficient manner.

HST units that are directly shipped have a major advantage over devices that require patient pickup from a lab. From a physician’s standpoint, patients are more likely to return the device in a timely manner with a pre-stamped box to ship out once the test is completed. This is a major benefit over requiring the patient to drive back to the provider’s office.

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Financial Benefits of HST

HST equipment is becoming much more affordable for providers, especially with options for renting instead of buying outright. In the past, testing equipment was costly and not nearly as reliable. After purchasing the equipment, it was possible to have several issues, between test failures and patients not returning the device.

Now that renting is an option, providers no longer have to bear device malfunction risks. Additionally, data is received before the device is returned via a cloud-based app, allowing physicians to diagnose the condition right away and move forward to treating additional patients.

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Ensure Accurate Sleep Test Results

The results of an HST are more reliable than ever, since technology has advanced significantly. In past decades, the results of an HST were often inconclusive. Improper setup, failure to start the test correctly, and improper use of sensors could alter test results and cause inaccuracies. This would make patients and providers unhappy, as well as resulting in additional time and money spent for a successful diagnosis.

Today, an HST is extremely effective at testing for conditions like obstructive sleep apnea. Tests are much simpler to set up and use at home, and sensors are extremely advanced to calculate numerous metrics. The data is transmitted within 30 minutes of the patient waking up, leading to a speedy and accurate diagnosis.

Stress-Free Experience with DreamClear™

DreamClear™ brings sleep testing into the home with a simple, convenient, and accurate approach. As a result of affordable pricing and easy set up, patients now have the ability to take tests from the comfort of their homes. Results are available via a cloud-based app before the unit is returned, making the process more efficient for physicians as well.

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